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06 March - 09 April 2019

Doctoral programme grant for teacher education

The purpose of the grant is to arrange education at graduate level focused on teacher education. The priority area is based on a Government mandate, and is intended to strengthen the research connection in teacher education with its various focuses, and to broaden the educational capacity while maintaining quality. The Swedish Research Council rewards research of the highest scientific quality in national competition.

Support form

Research environment and collaboration support


Educational Sciences


For teacher educators


Organisation (Swedish HEI). The coordinator of the doctoral programme at the host organisation shall be invited to be the project leader for the application by the persons responsible for the organisation’s applications.

Participating researchers

At least one further HEI shall join the application. One contact person per participating HEI shall be invited as a participating researcher.

Grant period

4–5 years

Grant amount

Maximum 10 million SEK per year for 4 years, or maximum 8 million SEK per year for 5 years.

Budgetary framework

70 million SEK per year for 5 years

Call deadline

9 April 2019 (14.00/2 p.m.)

Publication of grant award

No later than the beginning of November 2019

Start of grant period

January 2020

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