Closed call

25 July - 14 January 2020

EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

The partnership programme EuroHPC Joint Undertaking runs three calls aimed at supporting research and innovation within the HPC area, including High Performance Data Analytics.

Subject area: Clinical Therapy Research, Humanities and Social Sciences, Medicine and Health, Research infrastructure, Natural and Engineering Sciences, Educational Sciences

Focus: EuroHPC Joint Undertaking

Start of grant period: 2020

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About the calls

The EuroHPC Joint Undertaking is a European partnership programme, where European countries, together with EU Commission, work to promote the European ecosystem for high-performance computing (HPC).

The calls span all subject areas, and including development of codes, algorithms, new mathematical computing models and their applications on scientific studies.

For further information on each call, please see the EuroHPC’s website. External link.

The calls are administered by the EU, but are co-funded by the Swedish Research Council. The calls are open to individual researchers who take part in international consortiums designed according to the Horizon 2020 rules, and to Swedish organisations that have been approved as administrating organisations by the Swedish Research Council.