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22 June - 11 August 2020

Project grant for cross-disciplinary collaboration between China and Sweden on corona and virus research

The Covid-19 pandemic has developed as a public health emergency of global proportions. Intensified research and development efforts on how the coronavirus affects human diseases are urgently needed. The Swedish Research Council and National Science Foundation of China (NSFC) now launch a call to support collaborative research projects from cross-disciplinary teams to study the current crisis and prepare for future pandemics.

The call is part of the Sino-Swedish Joint Research Programme that was initiated in order to promote long-term basic research collaboration between researchers from Sweden and China as well as supporting research of the highest scientific quality. The grants are financed by the Swedish Research Council and the NSFC on the principal of reciprocity and parity.

The Swedish Research Council and NSFC have joint administration of the call and make a joint decision by using a panel consisting of both Swedish and Chinese evaluators.

Support form: Project support

Subject area: Humanities and Social Sciences, Medicine and Health, Natural and Engineering Sciences

Focus: Collaborative research on coronaviruses from cross-disciplinary teams to study the current crisis and prepare for future pandemics

Applicant: Individual researcher active in Sweden in collaboration with at least one Swedish participating researcher and a Chinese research team with key members from different disciplines active in China.

Grant period: 3 years

Grant amount: 3 000 000 SEK per year (Swedish part) and 1 000 000 CNY (Chinese part) per year and collaboration project.

Budgetary framework: A total of 4 collaboration projects may be funded within the call. 

Start of grant period: January 2021

Application period:
17 June 2020 (14.00/2 p.m. in Sweden, 16:00/4 p.m. in China) –
11 August 2020 (14.00/2 p.m. in Sweden, 16:00/4 p.m. in China

Publication of grant award: No later than the start of Novemer 2020

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Contant - swedish applicants

Telephone hours are weekdays excluding public holidays 9.00-16.00 up to the call deadline

Marie Hillerby Johansson, +46 (0)8 546 44 217
Tomas Andersson,

+46 (0)8 546 44 173

Contant - Chinese applicants

Jie Shen,

+86 (0)10 62327017

Wencong Li,

+ 86 (0)10 62327014

Questions about the call?

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Specific instructions for the call

In addition to reading the call text, you also need to consult our Guide for applicants.

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