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Upcoming call

10 March - 13 April 2021

Doctoral programme grant within development research

The aim of the grant is to support the development of broad, cross-sectoral graduate schools taking innovative approaches to development research, using the global goals for sustainable development in Agenda 2030 as the starting point. The graduate schools shall be developed in collaboration between Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs) and HEIs in low income or lower middle income countries.

Support form: Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area: Development Research

Focus: Development research

Applicant: Organisation (Swedish HEI with the right to educate and examine doctoral students) The coordinator of the graduate school at the host organisation shall be invited to be the project leader for the application by the person responsible for the organisation’s applications.

Participating researchers: At least two further Swedish HEIs shall be included in the application, and at least one HEI in a low income or lower middle-income country. One contact person per participating HEI shall be invited as a participating researcher.

Grant period: Maximum 4 years

Grant amount: Maximum 2 million SEK per year for 4 years

Budgetary framework: 6 million SEK per year for 4 years

Start of grant period: January 2022

Application period: 10 March 2021 (2 pm/14.00) – 13 April 2021 (14.00/2 pm)

Publication of grant award: No later than the beginning of December 2021

Framework for the graduate school

The graduate school shall:

  • be linked to an HEI with main and coordinating responsibility
  • be operated in collaboration between at least three Swedish HEIs and at least one HEI in a low income or lower middle income country
  • be cross-sectoral and broad, and stimulate learning and collaboration between different disciplines
  • use the global sustainability goals in Agenda 2030 as the starting point.

The budget allocation should reflect the fact that the graduate school is operated in collaboration between several actors. Salary for the coordinator of the graduate school/director of studies may cover up to 30 percent of a full-time equivalent. Salary for administration may cover up to 40 percent of a full-time equivalent. Salary for doctoral students may not be funded within the budget of the graduate school.

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