The following provides advance information to facilitate planning ahead of making an application. The full call text will be published when the call opens. Please note that further terms and conditions/requirements may be added at that time.

Upcoming call

17 August - 20 September 2022

Doctoral programme grant for teachers in health care education

The purpose of the grant is to arrange third cycle higher education aimed at strengthening the connection to research and improve the quality of health and medical care programmes, and also to ensure the future supply of competent researchers at higher education institutions. The initiative is based on a Government mandate.

Support form: Research environment and collaboration support

Subject area: Medicine and Health

Focus: Teachers in health care education

Applicant: Organisation (Swedish higher education institution, HEI). The coordinator of the graduate school at the host organisation shall be invited to be the project leader for the application by the persons responsible for the organisation’s applications.

Participating researchers: A minimum of 2 further HEIs shall participate in the application (maximum 10 organisations). One contact person per participating HEI shall be invited as a participating researcher.

Grant period: 4–5 years

Grant amount: Maximum 10 million SEK per year

Budgetary framework: 185 million SEK in total

Start of grant period: January 2023

Application period: 17 August 2022 (14.00/2 p.m.) – 20 September 2022 (14.00/2 pm)

Publication of grant award: No later than the beginning of December 2022

We recommend that you read our Guide for applicants Opens in new window. before the call opens.

Framework for the doctoral programme

The doctoral programme shall:

  • be linked to a Swedish HEI with main and coordinating responsibility
  • be operated by at least 3 Swedish HEIs in cooperation
  • be linked to educational programmes in health and medical care at the participating HEIs
  • have access to well-functioning research environment/s with international connections
  • form a structured and coherent educational programme, with joint courses and seminars of high scientific and educational quality, which have to be available nationally, and preferably internationally
  • have a clear organisation and leadership, including a board or governing body with overarching responsibility for quality assurance of the graduate school’s activities in collaboration with the participating departments
  • include a minimum of 10 doctoral students, who shall be active as teaching personnel in health and medical care programmes at a Swedish HEI
  • have a plan for internationalisation of third cycle higher education.

The doctoral programme may:

  • include doctoral students with other funding
  • offer third cycle higher education on a part-time basis if the doctoral students are teaching in health and medical care programmes during the rest of the time.


The grant must only be used to cover costs related to the graduate school, such as coordination (including coordinator salary), doctoral student salaries (not scholarships) and courses. The grant must not be used as project funding for research.