PublISHED ON 30 April 2018

UpDATED ON 06 March 2019

Who can apply for a grant from the Swedish Research Council?

To be eligible to apply for our grants, you must meet certain requirements. The requirements are always stated in the call text and vary depending on the type of grant you are applying for. They specify, for example, how long ago you were awarded your doctoral degree or how much of your working time you will spend on the research project. Organisations applying for grants must also meet certain requirements.

You must have a doctoral degree

You can apply for our grants whether you are just starting out in your research career or you are more established. There is no age limit.

You must have completed your doctoral degree no later than the application deadline for the call. We use the date you fulfilled all the criteria for the degree, such as mandatory courses, oral defence and an approved doctoral thesis. For applicants with Swedish doctoral degrees, the award date listed in Ladok applies.

Note: There are exceptions from the doctoral degree requirement – read the call text to find out what applies for the grant you are applying for.

For certain grants, we require that your doctoral degree has been completed within certain time frames. These are illustrated in the table below and in the call text.

You must be employed by an approved administrating organisation during the grant period

You as applicant will be the project leader and have scientific responsibility for the project or equivalent. You must be employed by an approved administrating organisation at the start of and throughout the grant period and any additional availability period.

The employment must normally equal at least 20 per cent of a full-time position, but in some cases a higher percentage is required.

The administrating organisation is the organisation that will manage the grant, usually a Swedish higher education institution.

To enable your application to be linked to the right organisation, your administration organisation must have an account in Prisma. You can find the organisations that are approved as administrating organisations in the application form in Prisma. Is your organisation not listed? If this is the case, an authorised representative may apply for an organisation account in Prisma, which will then be assessed by the Swedish Research Council.

Please note that usually you do not have to be employed by the administrating organisation at the time of application, but the administrating organisation must sign your application and accept its undertakings as employer.

Requirements for approval as an administrating organisation

An organisation needs to be approved as an administrating organisation in order to administer and pay out research grants from us. Approved administrating organisations are usually Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs), but we may also approve other public organisations. An approved administrating organisation must

  • be a legal entity with a Swedish corporate registration number
  • perform research, which means carrying out documented research activities and fulfil the general conditions for research grants
  • guarantee academic freedom within the assignment
  • ensure that the results are openly accessible to other researchers, companies and the general public
  • not conduct any economic activity.

The Swedish Research Council's criteria for approved administrating organisationsPDF (pdf, 30 kB) (in Swedish)

Grants with specific requirements

For some of our grants, we require both that the activity level and the scope of your employment with the administrating organisation is higher than 20 per cent of a full-time position. The grants in the table below also apply a framework for how long ago your doctoral degree must have been awarded for you to apply.

What applies for the different grants?

Support form

Type of grant

Time since doctoral degree

Conditions of employment

Career support

International Postdoc

Maximum 2 years

Full time

Career support

Starting grant

Minimum 2 years and maximum 7 years

Minimum 50 per cent

Career support

Consolidation grant

Minimum 7 years and maximum 12 years

Minimum 50 per cent

Career support

Grant for Employment as a half-time researcher in a clinical environment

Maximum 10 years

Clinical employment and employment as researcher, each amounting to 50 per cent

Research environment and research collaboration funding

Distinguished professor

Minimum 12 years

Minimum 50 per cent

The requirements applying for the various grants in the table are described in detail in the respective call text.

Requirements for organisations applying for grants

The Swedish Research Council has grants that can only be applied for by organisations. This applies to grants for:

  • graduate schools
  • visiting professorships
  • publication grants
  • research infrastructure
  • operational grants for research collaboration and institutes

For an organisation to be able to apply for grants from us, it must be approved as an administrating organisation. If the organisation is not approved, it must first apply for approval in Prisma.

The person responsible for the administrating organisation’s organisational applications initiates the application. They then invite the project leader, who is designated by the administrating organisation to be responsible for the application, to fill in the application in Prisma.

Questions about our calls


Questions about our calls


  1. Prolonged application deadline due to server problems

    Due to problems at our server provider, Prisma has been partly unavailable during the weekend. We will therefore prolong the application time with 24 hours.

  2. By 2019, all who receive grants from us must have a data management plan

    As from spring 2019, if you are awarded a grant from the Swedish Research Council you must have a plan for how the research data generated within your project shall be managed.

  3. New calls 2019

    In spring 2019, the Swedish Research Council will for the first time issue a call for international postdoc grants within development research. Other new grant formats are two calls linked to register-based research. One relates to grants for researc...