The decision was published 16:00 04 Dec 2018

Development research

The Swedish Research Council is awaiting a decision regarding the budget for Development research including Project grants and Network grants – Swedish research links. We have know publish a lists of recommendation for funding.  

Please note that only notice via your personal account in Prisma guarantees that your grant has been approved. Notification through personal accounts in Prisma will not be sent until the Swedish Research Council has been informed of the final budget for development research.


The Swedish Research Council is awaiting a decision from the Government regarding the budget for development research including project grants and network grants – Swedish research links. We have therfore published a list of recommendation for funding based on an expected budgetary frame corresponding to last year’s budget.

We will publish the final decision on funding no later than January 2019.

The decision on funding for grants within the call Sustainability and resilience – Tackling consequences of climate and environmental changes will be published, as previously announced, on 10 December. You find that decision here.opens in new window

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PubliSHED ON 06 September 2018

UpDATED ON 11 December 2018


  1. Sustainability and resilience

    The Swedish Research Council has decided on the applications to be awarded research project grants for sustainability and resilience – tackling consequences of climate and environmental changes, within development research 2018. Our total grant amoun...

  2. Conference grant

    Autumn call The Swedish Research Council has decided on applications to be awarded conference grants within the 2018 autumn call. In total, we have approved 38 out of 64 applications and a total grant amount of almost 5.5 million SEK.