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Societal Impact of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts 2022

On 2–4 November, the international conference Societal Impact of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts 2022 will be held in Stockholm. The Swedish Research Council is one of the co-organisers.


2 - 4 November 2022


Stockholmsmässan, Älvsjö


Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science (AESIS Network), Swedish Research Council, Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, Vetenskap & Allmänhet and Swedish Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer Support (SNITTS)


Register no later than 31 October

International conference on increasing the impact of knowledge and data through engagement between the science-ecosystem and societal stakeholders

How does cultural change have a social impact in the context of Social Impact of Social Sciences, Humantities and Arts (SSHA)? How do we foster the trust and credibility of SSHA in society? What does impact mean in the context of different segments of society, and through which robust and valid indicators can you assess it? How can the path to impact be made more accessible, and which skills can enable one to optimise impact inter-sectoral collaboration for the sake of the public as a whole?

Finally, how to better understand the impact in the face of societal challenges such as climate change, health, diversity and conflict?

In this conference, we bring together research managers, science policymakers, funders, knowledge exchange experts, and other relevant professionals from all parts of the world to venture these subjects.



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