Science Europe: How to strengthen the dialogue between researchers and decision-makers

More dialogue is needed between the research community and decision-makers to ensure decisions made are based on scientific knowledge. A new report from Science Europe has proposals for how this dialogue can be improved.

“In an era of unparallelled global societal challenges, scientific research has never played a more important role when it comes to informing decision-makers. The guidelines form a milestone in Science Europe’s work on improving the interaction between science and politics,” says Mari Sundli Tveit, Chair of Science Europe and Managing Director of the Research Council of Norway.

Science Europe’s report “Guidance on science for policy activities” includes proposals for activities that can contribute to increased dialogue between the research community and decision-makers. The report also points out a number of principles that the activities should fulfil, such as independence, transparency, and quality. Good examples of activities from some of the member organisations are highlighted as inspiration. One of the examples is Formas’ advice on evidence-based environmental analysis.

Read the report on Science Europe’s website External link.

About Science Europe

Science Europe is a collaboration between 40 research funding bodies and research-performing organisations in 29 countries. Swedish members of Science Europe are the Swedish Research Council, Formas and Forte. The organisation promotes research policy issues that contribute to realising the European Research Area (ERA).

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