90 million SEK to research infrastructure for clinical studies

The Committee for Clinical Studies has decided to allocate 90 million SEK to the continuing work of building up a joint national research infrastructure for clinical studies. During 2018–2020, 30 million SEK per year will be allocated. At the meeting on 7 September, the Committee also decided on a strategic plan and on a new national development initiative.

Together with Sweden’s six healthcare regions, the Swedish Research Council has established the collaboration Clinical Studies Sweden. The healthcare regions take part in the collaboration via an appointed regional node. The 90 million SEK will be allocated to the regional nodes, which will each receive 5 million SEK annually in the form of an operational grant. The grant shall be used to build up and operate the nodes, which will strengthen the prerequisites for conducting clinical studies through regional and national coordination.

Using the operational grant, the nodes shall contribute to:

  • building up a national system for infrastructure for clinical research, where networks are created, knowledge is exchanged and development projects are implemented
  • increased quality in clinical research, through services, training courses and development projects
  • more research being conducted overall, in order to generate more knowledge and, in the longer term, better healthcare and health.

Strategic plan 2018–2019

The Committee also decided on a strategic plan for its work during 2018–2019, which includes three overarching goals:

  • Clinical research shall become an integrated part of healthcare and contribute to providing knowledge.
  • Clinical studies shall be of high scientific quality and provide increased clinical knowledge and utility, which will benefit patients in Sweden.
  • Sweden shall be an attractive country for locating and conducting clinical studies.

More information about the strategy will be available shortly at External link..

Collaboration in monitoring

National development initiatives aim to find solutions to common national challenges. The Committee decided to allocate 1.4 million SEK to the development initiative “Co-monitoring”, which will develop a model for working and evaluate the interest in and opportunity for a network for co-monitoring clinical studies.

Read more about other development initiatives at External link.




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