Register interest in taking part in NATO’s innovation programme

NATO’s innovation programme DIANA (Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic) is developing new technology in the defence area. Swedish organisations can now register interest in taking part as accelerators or tests centres in the programme.

When joining NATO, Sweden will be participating in NATO’s innovation programme DIANA (Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic). Within the programme, start-up companies, researchers and established technology companies in areas such as artificial intelligence, new materials, quantum computer technology and biotechnology are brought together. The aim is to rapidly develop new and revolutionary technology that can contribute to solving problems and challenges in the defence area.

In addition to technology and business development through ‘accelerator programmes’, the products and services shall also be able to be tested and verified at test centres.

The Swedish Defence Forces and Vinnova have, together with the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, been mandated to propose suitable organisations for the programme – both accelerators and test centres. These candidates may at a later stage be nominated by the Government Offices to NATO, which will make any decision.

Who can register interest?

DIANA accelerator

Existing organisations that help to shorten the time from idea to finished product/innovation, a form of incubator.

DIANA test centre

Existing organisations that during different development stages offer companies the opportunity to test prototypes to see whether and how they function. Registrations of interest from actors with experience of both civil and defence/security related environments are welcomed here.

Both test centres and accelerators may be operated by different types of organisations, such as public agencies, universities, higher education institutions, foundations or major companies. In the event the organisation registers interest in becoming an accelerator within DIANA, the applicant must be prepared to implement DIANA’s accelerator programme of six months, which is a well-defined accelerator programme.

More information is available on Vinnova’s website External link.

The deadline for registering interest is 15 September 2023.



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