Good for research that the United Kingdom is joining Horizon Europe

On 7 September, the European Commission and the United Kingdom government agreed that the United Kingdom shall take part in Horizon Europe, the framework programme for research and innovation. The agreement means that it will now be easier for researchers in Sweden to collaborate with researchers in the United Kingdom.

“The agreement is positive news for researchers in Sweden, who have a tradition of collaborating a lot with colleagues in the United Kingdom. This is good, both for ongoing and future research collaborations, as the United Kingdom is one of the foremost research nations. The situation during the last few years has been unfortunate, both for research itself and for individual researchers. We are now looking forward to continued good and expanded collaboration between our countries,” says Katarina Bjelke, Director General of the Swedish Research Council.

Horizon Europe is the EU’s framework programme for research and innovation, and also the world’s largest civilian research and innovation programme. Researchers in the United Kingdom were previously very successful in the competition for EU funding, and have also held strong positions as coordinators in many projects. They have been among those that researchers in Sweden have collaborated with most frequently under previous framework programmes. In addition to the collaboration at EU level, the United Kingdom is Sweden’s foremost collaboration partner after USA, in terms of participating researchers in the Swedish Research Council’s undirected project grants and in co-authored publications.

“The United Kingdom’s entry into Horizon Europe makes it easier for researchers in Sweden to collaborate with researchers in a country that is known for its excellent research.”

As from 2024, researchers from the United Kingdom will be able to participate fully in the framework programme on the same terms as researchers from other associate countries. This includes leading consortiums.

Read the European Commission’s press release External link.




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