The Lund Declaration 2015: European research shall take responsibility for societal challenges

The goal description in the Lund Declaration 2015 includes guidelines for future research. The bodies behind the Declaration are the Swedish Research Council, Vinnova, the Swedish Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation and the EU Commission.

The Lund Declaration 2015 is a follow-up of the declaration produced in 2009, which strongly influenced the focus of the EU’s framework programme for research, Horizon 2020. A central feature of the latter declaration is to continue to address societal challenges, such as environmental issues and demographic development, for example by more rapid implementation of research results through collaboration between various societal actors.

The Declaration can be briefly summarised as follows:

  • Europe needs greater political engagement to address societal challenges, by coordinating national strategies, instruments and resources.
  • To achieve this, we need a strong and excellent research base, research infrastructure of world class and a new generation of researchers with the right competence and entrepreneurship.
  • Global collaboration with the best researchers and innovators.
  • Speed up the use and implementation of results by strengthening collaboration with others outside the research system by involving parties such as industry and civil society.

The Lund Declaration 2015 in its entirety Pdf, 407.7 kB.

The Lund Declaration 2009 in its entirety Pdf, 647.5 kB.



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