Sweden’s research and innovation office in Brussels

The Swedish Research Council operates a research and innovation office in Brussels together with Vinnova. The office monitors policy developments in the EU on location, and supports Swedish actors who are interested in the EU’s funding of research and innovation. We help you find your way in Brussels!

A link between Sweden and the EU

One representative from the Swedish Research Council and two representatives from Vinnova work at the Sweden Research and Innovation Office (SWERI) in Brussels. Together, we have a large network and are well informed about the EU’s research programme and funding opportunities.

The Brussels office functions as a link between Sweden and the EU and its institutions. We promote Swedish interests by monitoring, analysing and participating in the drawing up of the European research and innovation policies. We also participate in and arrange conferences, seminars and meetings, and have a large network of Brussels-based actors.

SWERI is a member of IGLO (Informal Group of R&I Liaison Offices) Länk till annan webbplats. External link., a network consisting of 28 European countries’ research and innovation offices in Brussels. The Swedish Research Council is also a member of Science Europe, a European organisation for research funding bodies and research-performing organisations. We also participate in a working group linked to Science Europe that focus on Horizon Europe. Vinnova is a member of a corresponding organisation, Taftie, which gathers together innovation organisations. All these networks provide us with useful interfaces towards other organisations and institutions in Europe.

Contact us

You are very welcome to contact us if you have any questions. If you are travelling to Brussels, you can also book a meeting to talk about the EU’s research and innovation programme and policy issues. Please contact Isabella Ismail in advance if you want to visit us.

Ellenor Devine, Swedish Research Council
+46 (0)73-366 91 60

Lisa Almesjö, Vinnova
+46 (0)8-473 32 83

Isabella Ismail
+46 (0)8-473 32 68




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