Research projects for increased accessibility to ESS and MAX IV

The Swedish Research Council has been commissioned by the government to work to ensure that Swedish researchers participate to a greater extent in the construction and development of research infrastructure and that research infrastructures are increasingly made available and used by researchers from industry and the public sector.

Aerial photo of ESS and MAX IV, 2021. Photo: Perry Nordeng

In Lund the construction of ESS is on it's way, which together with MAX IV will be the corner stones in Science Village. (Photo Perry Nordeng)

In order to create the greatest possible benefit for Sweden, both the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova make contributions to various research and innovation projects that are linked to ESS and MAX IV.

Here is a selection of the projects that the Swedish Research Council finances within the framework of the call Grant for accessibility for infrastructure. External link.

Similar projects funded by Vinnova you can find on their website. External link.

At External will find several different examples of industrial research carried out using synchrotron light or neutrons.



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