Benefits of working at the Swedish Research Council

There are many benefits of working for the government. Benefits such as flexible working hours, extra parental allowance and wellness allowance are just a few. The governmental collective agreements and occupational pension scheme also provide security.

Generous holidays

As a government employee, the number of holiday days is calculated on the basis of your age. You can take holiday right from the start, but the number of days varies during your first year.

  • If you are 29 years or younger: 28 days
  • As from the year you turn 30: 31 days
  • As from the year you turn 40: 35 days

4 000 SEK wellness allowance

We want our personnel to feel good! We therefore offer everybody a wellness hour per week for a healthy activity that can be carried out during working hours. You can also get up to 4 000 SEK wellness allowance per year.

Flexible working hours

We offer flexible working hours, and our standard working hour schedule means that bridging days are work-free days. A bridging day is a working day that falls between two public holidays. The number of bridging days varies from year to year.

Good opportunities for parental leave

If you need to take parental leave, we offer a parental allowance which, together with the allowance from the Social Insurance Agency, amounts to 90 per cent of your ordinary pay. You can also decrease your working hours until your child turns 12.

Medical appointments and medicines

You can go for medical appointments during working hours. You can also get some compensation for the cost of any physician or physiotherapy appointment. This also applies to some medicines.

Occupational pension scheme

You will receive an occupational pension as a complement to your state pension. The occupational pension impacts on your overall pension, and is administered for the government by the National Government Employee Pensions Board (SPV). You also have financial protection in the event of sickness.

Collective agreements

As an employee of the Swedish Research Council, you are covered by various collective agreements. Most of these have been entered into by the Swedish Agency for Government Employers and governmental employee organisations at central level. On the website of the Swedish Agency for Government Employers External link., you can read the condition agreements, which describe many of the employment and salary terms and conditions for government employees.

Subscription to Forskning & Framsteg

All personnel members receive a subscription free of charge to the popular science periodical Forskning & Framsteg, which reports on the latest research findings. The Swedish Research Council and other research funding bodies provide financial support to the periodical.


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