Good research practice

This is a partially revised version of Good Research Practice, published in 2011. The revision covers areas such as changes in legislation.

Research ethics is not static, neither as a discipline nor as a practice. When the scientific landscape changes, sometimes the debate about research ethics shifts as well. New principles may be added, and old ones may need to be reinterpreted or applied differently.
Ethical considerations in research are largely a matter of finding a reasonable balance between various interests that are all legitimate. The quest for knowledge is one such interest. Individual privacy interests as well as protection against various forms of harm or risk of harm are other legitimate interests. Issues like the handling of integrity-sensitive material raise questions about the interests of the researcher, the study participants and other researchers, but also about what a researcher is able to promise participants and who owns research material.

This book addresses relevant legislation and ethical requirements and recommendations against the background of questions that may arise in research work. The aim is to provide an orientation among the issues and problems, stimulate thought and contribute to the debate on responsibility and challenges. The book primarily addresses researchers, not least the younger generation, to help them make well-reasoned research ethical decisions.


  1. Seven projects about ethics awarded grants in joint initiative

    It is now clear who will be awarded funding under the call for research in research ethics, issued jointly by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond for the Advancement of the Humanities and Social Sciences, the Swedish Research Council, and the Royal Swedish Aca...

  2. Research involving experiments on animals

    Some of the research funded by the Swedish Research Council includes experiments on animals as one of the methods used to answer the research question.

  3. UNESCO’s recommendations for research

    UNESCO’s recommendations for science and researchers are used as a joint reference in research collaboration across national borders. They were updated in conjunction with the 70th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights.