Svenska Listan – a register of peer-reviewed publication channels in SwePub

Svenska Listan (“the Swedish List”) is a register of peer-reviewed publication channels in the database SwePub. The list aims to make the contents of the publication database SwePub available for quality-assured bibliometric analysis. Because of SwePub’s high rate of coverage of Swedish publications, the list can be used as a general register of commonly used scientific publication channels at Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs).

SwePub lists research publications developed by Swedish HEIs and public agencies with research responsibilities. SwePub currently includes references to the publications that are registered in the publication databases of around forty Swedish HEIs and other public agencies. The National Library of Sweden manages and develops SwePub in collaboration with the Swedish Research Council and Swedish HEIs (read more about SwePub on the National Library of Sweden’s website External link.).




  1. Agreements completed with four publishers of open access journals

    Last autumn, the Swedish Research Council, Formas, Forte, and Vinnova made a focus decision to fund publishing using publishers that only produce journals with full open access. Agreements have now been entered into with four publishers.

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