• On 15 August, the call was updated with assessment criteria, see under “How your application is assessed”
  • August 6 and July 12 the call was updated with information about Letters of support, see "What must the application contain"
  • June 29, the call was updated with information about "Budget Framework". See the summary below

Closed call

07 June - 21 August 2018

Grant for accessibility to infrastructure

The Swedish Research Council has been mandated by the Government to work towards ensuring Swedish researchers participate to a greater degree in the construction and development of research infrastructure, and towards making research infrastructure more accessible and more used by the business and public sectors.

Type of call

Infrastructure support

Subject area

Research infrastructure


Accessibility to infrastructure


Individual researcher or organisation 

Participating researchers

A maximum of six researchers may be invited to join the application

Grant period

1–4 years

Budgetary framework

A total of around 80 million SEK has been allocated for the call, which means that at least eight grants may be funded

Grant amount

Minimum 400 000 SEK per year

Publication of grant award

No later than the beginning of November 2018

Start of grant period


Call text in full

The call consists of two parts with different purposes, and applications for funding shall relate to one of them.

  • Funds for activities that facilitate and increase participation in and use of the research infrastructures SciLifeLab, Max IV and ESS by the business sector and public sector. The funds shall be used to develop competence and capacity at the infrastructure to guide and support users from the business sector and public sector, and to attract new users. The aim is to increase participation in and use of research infrastructure by external actors.
  • Funds for developing technically advanced methods, technologies and components. The aim is to promote Swedish participation in the development and upgrading of research infrastructure of major strategic value to Swedish researchers and the Swedish business sector, such as SciLifeLab, Max IV and ESS.