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Closed call

13 January - 16 February 2021

Grant for investment in existing research infrastructure

The purpose of the grant is to support investments in existing research infrastructure of national interest.

The applicant for the grant shall be infrastructures that fulfil the Swedish Research Council’s requirements for national interest, irrespective of whether they have an ongoing grant or have previously received a grant from the Swedish Research Council.

The grant may be used for investment in equipment or research databases, including purchasing, technical development, construction, installation, or adaptation of premises. The grant must not be used for major new investment that significantly changes or expands the focus of the activities at the infrastructure. Resources for operation, maintenance and user support shall be provided by the applicant organisations.

Support form: Infrastructure support

Subject area: Research infrastructure

Focus: Investment in existing national research infrastructure

Applicant: Organisation applicants only

Participating researchers: No participating researchers may be invited to join the application.

Grant period: 5 years

Grant amount: Minimum 8 million SEK. (Exceptions may be made for infrastructure in areas where a smaller amount will also constitute a significant investment.)

Start of grant period: November 2021

Application period: 13 January 2021 (14.00/2 pm) – 16 February 2021 (14.00/2 pm)

Publication of grant award: No later than August 2021

Please note:

  • The construction and development, and also procurement of the investment shall be completed 2022 and reported no later than 31 March 2023.
  • An organisation may apply under this call even if it has an ongoing grant for national infrastructure for the same purpose. However, you may not apply for investments that have already been approved within the ongoing grant, or where the application for the ongoing grant stated that the investment has been made available to the infrastructure.
  • Funding for an individual infrastructure can only be applied for in one of this year's calls for infrastructure support. That is, either in the call "Infrastructure of national interest 2021", or in the call "Grant for investment in existing research infrastructure".

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