PublISHED ON 30 April 2018

UpDATED ON 21 June 2018

Specific terms and conditions for grants

Besides the general terms and conditions for grants, there are also specific terms and conditions for most of our calls. The specific terms and conditions for a call are stated in the call text. The terms and conditions are then adopted when the grant is awarded.

The specific terms and conditions for a grant could include how the funds may be used (the types of costs that are covered), specific requirements on your level of employment, the size of the standard amount and requirements on interim reports to the Swedish Research Council. The specific terms and conditions vary in scope, depending on the type of grant. The scope of the specific terms and conditions is largest for grants to research infrastructure.

If a specific term or condition conflicts with our general research terms, the specific term or condition will take precedence.

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Questions about our calls

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Questions about our calls


  1. Open access to publications

    A condition for receiving a grant from us is that you publish your research articles so that they are available to all, free of charge on the internet. We only accept articles that are published with open access in your reporting on grants.

  2. Ethical research

    When applying for a grant from the Swedish Research Council, you should report how you plan to deal with ethical issues that arise in your research. You may, for example, require approval from an ethical review board or an animal ethics committee. Ma...

  3. General grant T&C

    The general terms and conditions for grants form the basic terms and conditions for all our grants. They shall apply unless there are specific terms and conditions linked to the grant decision, which are worded differently. The terms and conditions a...