Symposium on artistic research in a time of change

Questions about the environment and climate are occupying an ever larger place in artistic research, often through multi-disciplinary collaborations. The purpose of this year’s symposium is to open up a dialogue about the role of artistic research in societal transition. How can we develop fruitful collaborations, methods and theories to address the challenges that the future is setting for us? How can we investigate, express and shape the future using artistic means? 


17 - 18 November 2022


12.00 day 1 – 12.00 day 2


Luleå University of Technology


Swedish Research Council in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology


Please submit proposals (abstracts) for programme items no later than 15 May 2022.


Registration for the symposium opens 15 September 2022.

The symposium will be held in both English and Scandinavian languages.

Artistic research in a time of change

Artistic research has the opportunity to develop multi-faceted knowledge about the environmental crisis, which takes into account the complexity of the issue.

With this year’s symposium, we want to highlight the opportunities for artistic research to contribute to shaping living conditions and ways of life, in interaction with different types of techniques and ways of expression. We want to provide a special place for dialogue and conversation formats, rather than individual presentations.

We welcome proposals for programme items that weave together creative practices and critical theory formation, with the ambition of contributing to knowledge development and societal change.

Invitation to propose presentations for the Symposium




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