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ERC Reception 2023

We are celebrating researchers in Sweden who have succeded in stiff competition in obtaining project funding from the European Research Council, ERC, in 2022. Maria Leptin, the president of ERC, and ERC Scientific Council will join this year's reception.


28 June 2023




Swedish Research Council, Hantverkargatan 11 B, Stockholm


Invitation only

This year’s reception will take place in conjunction with the plenary meeting of the ERC’s Scientific Council in Stockholm, 28-30 June. Maria Leptin, President of the ERC, will give an introduction. During the reception, some of the grant recipients will present their research, and there will be opportunities for discussion and networking. The evening ends with mingling.

A special invitation has been sent to the 51 researchers in Sweden who were awarded funding from the ERC in 2022. Other persons linked to the 2022 grant decisions are also invited.


  • Maria Leptin, President, European Research Council, ERC
  • David Edvardsson, Director General, Ministry of Higher Education and Research
  • Katarina Bjelke, Director General, Swedish Research Council
  • Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Secretary General for Medicine and Health, Swedish Research Council
  • Mattias Marklund, Secretary General for Natural and Engineering Sciences, Swedish Research Council

Grant talks

  • Annica Black-Schaffer, Uppsala University (Consolidator Grant PE), "A new SUPERconducting LANDscape: using nanoscale inhomogeneity for enhanced superconductivity"
  • Jakob Svensson, Stockholm University (Advanced Grant SH), "It’s (also) what you produce: Experimental Evidence on Creating Markets for Quality in Low-income Countries"
  • Maria Eriksson, Karolinska Institutet (Advanced Grant LS), "Somatic mutations in vascular-wall function and age-associated disease"
  • Shervin Bagheri, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Consolidator Grant PE), "LUBFLOW, Lubricant-infused surfaces in sUrfactant- and Bacteria-laden turbulent FLOWs"
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NCP Europeiska forskningsrådet, ERC

Anethe Mansén


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