Unique collaboration with USA opens up opportunities in Sweden

The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova have begun a collaboration with the US research funding body the National Science Foundation (NSF). Through the collaboration, researchers in Sweden can apply for grants to speed up the process from basic research to application. The first call opens on 17 May.

For several years, NSF has run the Convergence Accelerator Program (CAP), a research programme aimed at making the process from basic research to applied research quicker. In order for researchers in Sweden to also have the opportunity to apply for a grant under the programme, the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova are now jointly entering a collaboration with NSF.

The call that will now open for researchers in Sweden is for various types of applications for chemical sensing (Real-World Chemical Sensing Application). To be eligible for take part in the call, the researchers must be part of a team with researchers in USA.

The first part of the call process is open between 17 May and 11 July. During this period, the research teams wanting to participate shall submit a letter of intent to NSF and to Vinnova. The actual call from NSF then opens in July. The deadline for applications is 22 August.

The research programme has two phases

During Phase 1, the research teams may receive up to 750 000 USD during nine months for planning a research project. The research teams that then proceed to Phase 2 with their projects may receive up to 5 million USD over 24 months. The focus here is to develop applied research so that it becomes of benefit to society.

The Swedish Research Council and Vinnova will together fund the Swedish part of two projects in Phase 2. Vinnova will also fund at least one project with participants from Sweden in Phase 2. At most, researchers from Sweden will be able to apply for 2.6 million SEK per project in Phase 1 and 10 million SEK in Phase 2.

More information about the call is available on NSF’s website External link.

To the call at Vinnovas webbsite External link.



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