19 researchers in Sweden to receive an ERC Starting Grant 2023

The European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant 2023 has awarded 400 researchers in Europe up to 1,5 million euro, to develop their research project and to building their own research teams. 19 of them have a Swedish host institution.

The ERC starting grant is awarded to promising early-career researchers and has scientific excellence as the only selection criteria. The ERC starting grant recipients and their research proposal undergo a stringent and competitive peer-review process. This year almost 2700 researchers applied for an ERC starting grant.

In total, 400 researchers in Europe will share more than 628 million euro, with a success rate of about 15 per cent.

Among the 19 researchers in Sweden receiving ERC Starting Grants, five are active in life sciences, five in social sciences and humanities and nine in physical and engineering sciences.

Approved research projects 2023


  • Margaret Holme: CanExCell; An Atlas of Organisation of Lipids in Extracellular Vesicles To Navigate Their Roles in Cancer Metastasis
  • Alexander Giovannitti: PolyElectroCAT; Design and synthesis of bulk-active polymeric organic electrocatalysts for efficient electroorganic synthesis
  • Nils Johan Engelsen: SEQUENCE; Sensing and Quantum Engineering with Magnetically Functionalized Ultracoherent Mechanical Resonators

University of Gothenburg

  • Aksel Sundström; Fem-LEAD; Female Leadership and Effects from African Droughts

Karolinska Institutet

  • Kasper Karlsson: Precision Lethality; Precision Lethality to overcome clonal heterogeneity in high-risk neuroblastoma
  • Juan Pablo Lopez: FASTer; Identifying the Fast-acting Antidepressant Signatures of Treatment Response with psychedelic compounds using a novel behavioral tracking system and single-cell resolution

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Hanna Barriga: MaxFUSE LNPS; Engineering lipid nanoparticles to target and escape the endosome, deliver their cargo and perform better as breast cancer therapies

Linköping University

  • Johannes Bintinger: Time2SWITCH; Bioorthogonal Iontronic Chemistry: Spatiotemporal Drug Release with Electronic Precision
  • Rebecca Boehme: SAIL; The Self After Interpersonal Loss
  • Florian Trybel: UNMASCC-HP; Understanding Material Synthesis Conditions and Complexity at High-Pressure

Lund University

  • Daria Davitti: REF-FIN; Refugee Finance: Histories, Frameworks, Practices
  • Filip Lenrick: BulkBonding; Bulk-like Joints by Gas Actuated Bonding
  • Colin Olito: separatingSexes; Many paths to separate sexes: the genomics of sex-determination in the Hawaiian Wikstroemia
  • Milda Pucetaite: INTERSPEC; Tracing single-cell scale chemical signaling between interacting soil fungi

Stockholms University

  • Matthew Wallace: PARA-MOR; Living longer in poorer health? Understanding the immigrant morbidity-mortality paradox

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

  • Maliheh Mehrshad: MULTIPHAGE; Phage co-infection: a missing link in deciphering phage co-evolutionary dynamics

Uppsala University

  • Morteza Aramesh: NANOMICS; Scanning Nanopore Microscopy for In Situ Single-Cell Protein Profiling
  • Christian Glaser: NuRadioOpt; Optimization of Radio Detectors of Ultra-High-Energy Neutrinos through Deep Learning and Differential Programming
  • Luke John Murphy: SACRAL-SENSES; Supplanted Sacrality, Shifting Senses? A Digital Archaeology of Religious and Sensory Change During the Christianisation of Scandinavia, c. 700-1200

The ERC website has more statistics and a list of all the grant External link.

The next call for ERC Starting Grant has application deadline October 24, 2023. Read more details in the workprogramme 2024 External link..

Swedish Research Council and ERC

The Swedish Research Council works to encourage more Swedish researchers to apply for and be awarded ERC grants. Some of our work consists of arranging interview training for researchers who have been selected for stage 2 of the application process. We also organise webinars with information about upcoming ERC calls.

If you have questions, please contact Anethe Mansén, national contact point (NCP) for ERC:




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