Expert Group on Ethics

The Expert Group advises the Swedish Research Council on issues relating to ethics. The Expert Group has seven members, representing the areas of ethics, law, medicine and health, natural and engineering sciences, and the humanities and social sciences.

Contributes with knowledge and advice

The Expert Group on Ethics contributes with knowledge and advice on ethical issues within the Swedish Research Council’s remit. They work with ethical issues that concern both the researcher and the research:

  • Researcher ethics is about the researcher's relationship to the research task or research assignment itself.
  • Research ethics is about conducting the research in a way that takes into account and protects the various participants and research subjects affected by the research.

The task of the Expert Group is to

  • advise us on matters concerning ethics and integrity within the framework of our research funding process
  • develop a basis for our opinions, position and guidelines on issues related to researcher and research ethics
  • produce information within the field of researcher and research ethics for our publications, for example the publication "Good research practice"
  • produce documentation and prepare for our communication efforts within the field, by for example stimulating debate and reflection on researcher and research ethics through conferences, publications or collaborations
  • represent the Swedish Research Council in national and international contexts.

Composition of the Expert Group

The Expert Group on Ethics has seven members who are appointed by the Swedish Research Council. The chair should be a professor of ethics, and the members represent the areas of ethics, law, medicine and health, natural and engineering sciences, and the humanities and social sciences. The scientific secretary of the Ethics Review Appeals Board and a representative from the Swedish Research Council also sit on the panel.





Bengt Brülde (Chair)

Professor, Institutionen för filosofi, lingvistik och vetenskapsteori

University of Gothenburg

Anders Ekbom

Professor, Department of medicine, Solna

Karolinska Institutet

Maria Eriksson Baaz

Professor, Department of Government

Uppsala University

Yvonne Lundberg Giwercman

Scientific Secretary/ Professor, Department of Translational Medicine

The Ethics Review Appeals Board/Lund University

Gunnar Nyman

Professor, Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology

University of Gothenburg

Teresa Ottinger

Manager, Department of Research Funding

The Swedish Research Council

Torben Spaak

Professor in jurisprudence at the Department of Law

Stockholm University

Malin Thor Tureby

Professor, Department of Society, Culture and Identity

Malmö University

PublISHED ON 28 May 2018

UpDATED ON 27 April 2021

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