We are now revising the publication Good Research Practice

The Swedish Research Council has started a revision and update of Good Research Practice, our publication on ethical questions relating to research. The new version is expected to be ready in 2023.

Good Research Practice is a guide and collection of information that highlights ethical issues and problems that researchers should consider when they design a research project and apply for ethical approval. The aim is to stimulate reflection and contribute to the debate on responsibility and challenges in the field of ethics.

The most recent version from 2017 is used regularly in postgraduate education, and is also the publication that is most often downloaded of all Swedish Research Council reports. However, a lot has happened in the research community since 2017. New government agencies with mandates relating to research ethics have been established, and a law relating to scientific misconduct has been passed. This means that some of the information in Good Research Practice is no longer up-to-date.

We are now updating the contents, and are also taking this opportunity to revise the publication and include ethical dilemmas from different research fields. The new publication is expected to be ready in 2023.

“Ethics considerations and guidelines play a very important role in the quality and implementation of research, and in how research findings can be used in a responsible manner to develop our society. Our popular publication Good Research Practice will now be updated with information on new legislation and current perspectives on research ethics and ethical dilemmas,” says Sven Stafström, Director General of the Swedish Research Council.

The Swedish Research Council will produce the new publication in collaboration with the expert group on ethics.. The Swedish Research Council’s scientific councils and committees and various reference groups will also be involved in the work.

Good Research Practice 2017




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