Swedish environmental monitoring north of 60°N

There is an increased awareness that the environment is being subjected to rapid changes. This emphasizes the necessity to further develop and coordinate environmental monitoring efforts. Swedish environmental monitoring activities are extensive, but the knowledge of actors, sites and measured variables is scattered. This report compiles knowledge about environmental monitoring activities in Sweden north of Latitude N60°, and can be complemented by the accompanying web site monitoringN60.slu.se. The web site contains a digital version of the report, as well as interactive, searchable maps, and appendices with extensive and detailed lists of monitoring observations in northern Sweden.

The report is a contribution to the process of establishing the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON, www.arcticobserving.org External link.). The SAON process was initiated in 2006 by the Arctic Council as an overarching process emanating from the International Polar Year (IPY).The selection of variables discussed in the present report is guided by the 31 Key variables recommended by the earlier Committee on Designing an Arctic Observing Network, established by the National research council in the USA.


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