UpDATED ON makes science easier to access and understand

A national platform for news and communication about research will be launched in February 2024. The platform continues to build on the existing website, and is a long-term initiative and an important part of the Swedish Research Council’s mandate to coordinate and facilitate science communication in Sweden.

When is re-launched in February, the website will also include Expertsvar/Expert Answer. In this way, the new website will become a gathering place for both news about Swedish research aimed at the general public and services aimed at journalists.

“ started as far back as 2002. We are now converting the website into a broader platform that makes it easier to partake of and understand research. This new, joint website can thereafter be expanded with new services based on needs and requests from other collaboration partners,” says Mikael Jonsson, Director of Communications at the Swedish Research Council.

During autumn and winter, discussions have been held with higher education institutions, funding bodies, research institutes, public agencies, academies, industry bodies and non-profit organisations about collaboration on contents and services on the platform.

Many opportunities with the new platform makes it easier for the general public and journalists to learn about Swedish research results.

  • The platform offers research-based knowledge and in-depth information from reliable sources.
  • Research results from different actors are gathered together in one place.
  • The platform can be used as a knowledge bank and a source of inspiration for journalists, teachers and pupils.
  • is already a well-visited website – in 2022, it had just over 4.7 million page views.
  • The news items will have greater impact when they are all gathered in a single place, as the website’s contents are highly ranked in search engines.
  • The new website will be easily accessible through its formatting, address and design.

Do you want to contribute content and services?

You are welcome to contact Cissi Askwall, who is coordinating the work on the platform, at:




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