PublISHED ON 30 April 2018

UpDATED ON 05 June 2018

Criteria and grading scales

The Swedish Research Council grades applications based on four basic criteria, using two types of grading scales. Additional criteria may also be relevant for certain applications.

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  1. Final evaluation of Linnaeus grants

    In 2019, the final evaluation of the Linnaeus grants will take place. Did the Linnaeus grants produce the desired effect? What have they meant for Swedish research?

  2. Gender equality

    All applications submitted to the Swedish Research Council shall be evaluated objectively and therefore on a gender-neutral basis. We work to counteract discrimination in various ways. We also follow up the development of gender equality at Swedish h...

  3. How applications are assessed

    When you apply for a grant from us, your application is assessed by other active researchers with great expertise within the field. We have clear guidelines for the assessment work, and evaluate the process continuously. The assessment shall be of hi...

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