ESS instrument suite seminar 29 January

The Swedish Research Council invited researchers and decision makers to a seminar about the possibilities for Swedish involvement in developing future neutron instruments and surrounding facilities at the European Spallation Source.


29 January 2018




7A Odenplan, Odengatan 65/Norrtullsgatan 6, Stockholm

Programme and presentations


13:00 Welcome (Vetenskapsrådet)
Lars Kloo, Secretary General for Natural and Engineering Sciences, the Swedish Research Council

  • Swedish involvement in developing the future instrument suite at the European Spallation Source (ESS)

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13:15 Presentations from ESS
Andreas Schreyer, Director for Science, ESS

  • Overview of in-kind/collaborative possibilities at the ESS Neutron Scattering Systems

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Ken Andersen, Head of the Neutron Instruments Division, ESS

  • In-Kind & Collaboration Potential for Instruments 1-15

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13:45 Discussion and Q&A

14:15 Coffee break

14:30 Presentations from ESS
Arno Hiess, Head of the Scientific Activities Division, ESS

  • In-kind contributions to Sample Environment and Labs during Construction and (Initial) Operation
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Thomas Holm Rod, Group leader for Data analysis, Data Management and Software Centre, ESS

  • Possibilities at DMSC

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15:00 Discussion and Q&A

15:45 Summary and closure

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  1. Office for ESS and MAX IV

    The Office for ESS/MAX IV is operated jointly by the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova. Our mandate is to maximise the benefit to Sweden of the research facilities ESS and MAX IV.

  2. The research facilities ESS and MAX IV

    The vision for ESS and MAX IV is to create an international centre that is world-leading within materials science and life sciences. MAX IV became operational in 2016, and ESS plans to start delivering research in 2023.

  3. National collaboration for ESS and MAX IV

    The European Spallation Source, ESS, and MAX IV in Lund are two of the world’s most advanced research facilities. The Office for ESS/MAX IV is operated jointly by the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova, and is tasked to maximise Swedish benefit fro...