ESS instrument suite seminar 29 January

The Swedish Research Council invited researchers and decision makers to a seminar about the possibilities for Swedish involvement in developing future neutron instruments and surrounding facilities at the European Spallation Source.


29 January 2018




7A Odenplan, Odengatan 65/Norrtullsgatan 6, Stockholm

Programme and presentations


13:00 Welcome (Vetenskapsrådet)
Lars Kloo, Secretary General for Natural and Engineering Sciences, the Swedish Research Council

  • Swedish involvement in developing the future instrument suite at the European Spallation Source (ESS)

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13:15 Presentations from ESS
Andreas Schreyer, Director for Science, ESS

  • Overview of in-kind/collaborative possibilities at the ESS Neutron Scattering Systems

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Ken Andersen, Head of the Neutron Instruments Division, ESS

  • In-Kind & Collaboration Potential for Instruments 1-15

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13:45 Discussion and Q&A

14:15 Coffee break

14:30 Presentations from ESS
Arno Hiess, Head of the Scientific Activities Division, ESS

  • In-kind contributions to Sample Environment and Labs during Construction and (Initial) Operation
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Thomas Holm Rod, Group leader for Data analysis, Data Management and Software Centre, ESS

  • Possibilities at DMSC

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15:00 Discussion and Q&A

15:45 Summary and closure



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