Diversity in use broadens the benefits of ESS

ESS, and MAX IV, are strategically very important for Swedish research and innovation, and for strengthening our role as one of the world's foremost knowledge nations. The facilities will provide Sweden with unique conditions for conducting excellent research and create new opportunities for collaboration between academia, industry and the public sector in order to achieve solutions for sustainable societal development.

The report is written by a working group within the Council of the Office for ESS and MAX IV and has a special focus on ESS. The purpose is to investigate and give recommendations on how access to research infrastructures should be designed to create preconditions for the best research and for Sweden’s and Europe’s opportunities to contribute to solving the global societal challenges and improving their competitiveness. The report provides a number of concrete and useful pieces of advice and recommendations in order to increase non-academic accessibility to research facilities.


  1. Four areas that need to be prioritised in order to strengthen Swedish research

    In a new report, the Swedish Research Council presents proposed measures for how Sweden shall achieve its research policy goals. A central point is that the quality perspective needs to permeate all parts of the research system.

  2. Changes to this autumn’s needs inventory for research infrastructure

    On 4 October, the Swedish Research Council’s next needs inventory for research infrastructure of national interest opens. This year, two changes have been made.

  3. How we can meet the need for research infrastructure

    In order for Sweden to continue being an internationally competitive research nation, we need to invest in research infrastructure. The Swedish Research Council’s Guide to research infrastructure 2023 highlights nine recommendations for meeting both ...