Workshop for ERC Synergy Grant candidates 

On 20 August, we are inviting candidates to ERC's call for Synergy Grant for a preparatory workshop.


20 August 2020




Digital meeting via Zoom

In English


Are you interested to participate, please contact Lena Renner, NCP ERC

The Swedish Research Council supports researchers applying to the European Research Council's, (ERC), calls in different ways. This workshop is aimed at researchers from Swedish Host institutions who applied for a Synergy Grant and went on to step 3 of the evaluation process.

The purpose of the work shop is to prepare the candidates for the interview with the ERC panel. The candidates get to listen to recipients from previous years and practice their presentation technique with a professional coach.

ERC Synergy Grant is for research consortia consisting of two to four principal investigators. Grant amount: up to 10 million EUR for a period of maximum six years.

Read more about the various calls on the ERC websiteexternal link

PUBLISHED ON 05 August 2020

UPDATED ON 05 August 2020

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NCP för Europeiska forskningsrådet

Lena Renner


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