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Information meeting about the call NSF Convergence Accelerator

Welcome to a webinar about Swedish participation at US National Science Foundations (NSF's) financing offer "Convergence Accelerator" 2023.


15 June 2023




Digital event on Zoom


Registration is open until 14 June

The meeting will be held primarily in English.

The meeting is aimed at possible applicants and assisting administrating personnel. Representatives from NSF, Vetenskapsrådet and Vinnova will participate. You have the option of asking questions about the calls in conjunction with registering.

NSF Convergence Accelerator 2023

The purpose of the grants is to speed up the process from basic research to application. The call is for various types of applications for chemical sensing (Real-World Chemical Sensing Application). To be eligible for take part in the call, the researchers must be part of a team with researchers in USA.

Swedish participation is made possible through a collaboration with NSF, Vetenskapsrådet and Vinnova.

Read more about the call at Vinnovas website External link.

More information about the call on NSF:s webbsite. External link.

News about the call: Unique collaboration with USA opens up opportunities in Sweden
NSF Convergence Accelerator 2023



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