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Our future needs of EuXFEL

Welcome to a discussion on our future needs of the EuXFEL facility. Planning is now underway on how EuXFEL will be developed in the longer term.


5 October 2023




Digital meeting via Zoom.


No pre-registration is required

What are our future needs of EuXFEL?

The research infrastructure EuXFEL (European X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility) is an user facility in Hamburg, Germany. Sweden is one of the co-owners, thus the Swedish Research Council is charged with appointing delegates and experts to the facility's board.

Planning is now underway on how EuXFEL will be developed in the longer term. Researchers at Swedish universities use the facility to a large extent. In order to start a discussion about the future needs of our users, and to pass them on to XFEL's board and to RFI, the Swedish Research Council invites you to an open digital hearing.



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