About Swedish Research Council calls 2020

We currently have 30 calls planned for 2020. Most relate to grants that we issue calls for every year. For the first time we will issue a call for exploratory workshop grants within educational sciences. Another new feature is a call aimed at increasing the interest of secondary school pupils in ’STEM’ subjects.

As from 2020, we ask all of you who apply for a grant from us to state whether sex and gender perspectives are relevant in your research and, if so, in which way you will use such perspectives, or why you choose not to do so. It involves including both social and biological aspects of gender and gender identity in the methods, analyses and results of research – when this is relevant. This applies to most of our calls. You can find full instructions on this in the call text.

Below is a list of calls that are not issued every year, or that we are issuing for the first time.

News: Exploratory workshop grant within educational sciences

The grant aims to support the development of new research fields, research programmes, collaborations and research methods, and to encourage innovative thinking and creativity. The grant amount is a maximum 200 000 SEK per year, and shall be used for costs relating to the workshop, such as meetings and travel. The call opens on 26 February and closes on 31 March.

News: Grant for activities within STEM subjects at national research infrastructures

The applicant shall be national research infrastructures that receive grants from the Swedish Research Council. The grant shall be used to fund activities aimed at pupils in lower and higher secondary education. The purpose is to increase the interest of lower and upper secondary school pupils in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM subjects). The call opens on 15 January and closes on 18 February.

Consolidation grant

The Swedish Research Council issues a call for consolidation grants every second year. The last time was in 2018. The application is done in two steps, where the first is an outline application. The purpose of the grant is to give the most prominent junior researchers the opportunity to consolidate their research and broaden their activities. The call opens on 15 January and closes on 18 February.

Project grant for digitisation and accessibility of cultural heritage collections

The purpose of the grant, which was also issued in 2018, is to promote digitisation of and improve access to cultural heritage collections. The priority area is broad, and aimed at researchers active within all fields of humanities and social sciences, but also within other scientific fields. The call opens on 5 February and closes on 31 March.

Scientific journal grant within humanities and social sciences

The purpose of the grant is to promote maximum dissemination of advanced research results within humanities and social sciences. The Swedish Research Council supports Swedish open access journals of the highest scientific quality that promote renewal within the research field. A call for scientific journal grants is issued every third year. The call opens on 5 February and closes on 10 March.

Visiting researcher programme within climate and environment

The visiting researcher programme within climate and environment gives Swedish HEIs the opportunity to receive visiting researchers from the USA. The purpose is to strengthen Swedish research in the area through collaboration with prominent US researchers, and to contribute to international climate and environmental research. The programme is open for various disciplines. The visiting researcher programme is a Government assignment, and the call is issued in collaboration with Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency. In 2020, the second call within the programme will be issued. The first call was issued in 2019.

No call for multidisciplinary research environment grants or

conference grants

In 2020, we will not be issuing any grants to multidisciplinary research environments. The last time we issued this call was in 2018, and the plan was to issue the call every second year. However, for budget reasons the next call will be issued in 2021 instead.

Because of a reduction in the Government appropriation, we will not be issuing any calls for conference grants. Read Director General Sven Stafström’s comment on conference grants



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