PublISHED ON 30 March 2020

UpDATED ON 27 October 2020

250 000 can now use Zoom simultaneously

Pressure on Sunet’s network and services has been very high ever since the Government recommended that teaching should be carried out remotely for some time to come. This is particularly noticeable on Zoom, Sunet’s service for e-meetings.

Now, 250 000 simultaneous users in the Nordic countries can meet on Zoom. The previous expansion last week was not large enough for the transfer to more distance education and meetings.

“It was important to act quickly, and already last week we decided with our Nordic colleagues that the first expansion would not be sufficient. This is how we can support education at Swedish higher education institutions during these testing times,” says Maria Häll, head of department for Sunet.

Other support services for education, such as Sunet Play, are also being used much more than usual and have experienced some disruption, but their capacity has now also been increased. Use of the service has increased by 700% compared to the time before COVID-19.

Read more about Zoom on Sunet’s website (only in Swedish)external link

PUBLISHED ON 30 March 2020

UpDATED ON 27 October 2020


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