Special initiatives in healthcare research

Lack of research time is a major problem in healthcare research. Therefor the Swedish Research Council is investing 35 million SEK for a call for grants for research time in healthcare research and two international postdoc grants.

To strengthen the area, the Swedish Research Council is earmarking 28 million SEK for a call for grants for research time in healthcare research. The aim of the grant is to give active healthcare professionals the opportunity to conduct research on a half-time basis and to establish themselves as independent researchers. This shall be done in parallel with developing professional competence. To apply for the grant, you must have completed a doctoral degree no more than 10 years ago. The grant period is 3 years, and the grant is a standard amount of 1 850 000 SEK/year.

A further 7 million SEK is earmarked to fund two international postdoc grants focused on healthcare research. These grants can be applied for within the framework of the call for international postdoc grants in medicine and health.

“We have listened to the views of the medical faculties on how the healthcare research area should best be strengthened and developed for the future. They raised the issue of lack of research time as a major problem, and we are therefore creating these opportunities,” says Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Secretary General of Medicine and Health at the Swedish Research Council.




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  3. Registering your clinical study

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