PublISHED ON 06 May 2021

UpDATED ON 10 May 2021

Invitation to propose presentations for the Symposium on Artistic Research 2021

Researchers in artistic and practice-based research are invited to submit proposals for presentations at this year’s symposium on artistic research. The symposium will be held on 24–25 November, on the theme of Articulations. The deadline for proposals is 1 September.

Articulation is a central feature of artistic research. Articulation can be regarded as a process where the relationship between different elements is made discernible, tangible and possible to mediate, and where the forms, dependencies and consequences of understanding are made visible. The purpose of this year’s symposium is to open up a dialogue about articulation as “theorising in practice”, about knowledge-related freedoms and opportunities, but perhaps also about the rights and obligations that research entails. How is the opportunity utilised to use artistic articulation to impact on theory formation and concept development? How can artistic articulation be given room within other research fields? In what way does artistic research follow up the articulations it develops?

The symposium will focus on the articulations and the theory and concept development that occurs within the framework for artistic research, but will also critically consider the knowledge-related importance of articulation in more general terms.

In order to deepen the discussion, we are inviting proposals for articulations that, in addition to relating to the overall theme, also consciously and creatively relate to the combined online and on-location format of the event.

The symposium will be held on 24–25 November and is arranged by the Swedish Research Council, in collaboration with Malmö University (School of Art and Communication/K3) and Inkonst, and will be held in both Swedish and English.

Guidelines for abstracts


We welcome abstracts that address subjects such as:

  • how articulation, as theorising in practice, can be made conscious and visible, be materialised and changed within the framework for an artistic research project
  • how specific articulations can contribute to creating understanding in a certain context
  • how artistic articulation can function critically in relation to academia, professions and the market
  • how artistic research can contribute to a broadened research discussion on the challenges of conceptual articulation.


Abstracts submitted shall also present a proposed format, such as individual presentation, workshop, performance, round-table discussion, debate, etc. Proposals for sessions shall include information on all the researchers included in the session.


  • Abstracts for sessions: 500 words
  • Abstracts for other presentation formats: 300 words


Please send your abstract to Maria Hellström Reimer, Scientific Adviser in Artistic Research at the Swedish Research Council, no later than 1 September.

Notification of the proposals accepted will be given no later than 1 October 2021.

PUBLISHED ON 06 May 2021

UpDATED ON 10 May 2021

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