Lisbeth Olsson new Secretary General for Research Infrastructure

She is a professor of industrial biotechnology, and is very interested in finding solutions to society’s great challenges. In her new role, she wants to work towards increasing multidisciplinary opportunities in research infrastructure, and to broaden international collaboration.

The Swedish Research Council’s new Secretary General for Research Infrastructure is Lisbeth Olsson, a professor of industrial biotechnology. Since 2008, she has been developing activities within industrial biotechnology at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, where she currently heads the department. Her research concerns designing and using micro-organisms and enzymes to produce chemicals, materials and fuels from biomass.

Over the years, she has worked with several different types of research infrastructures, both in Sweden and internationally, and both as a researcher and as a member of different steering groups.

Photo of Lisbeth Olsson.

Photo: Thor Balkhed

“I have participated in the work of building up and operating multidisciplinary environments, such as the Wallenberg Wood Science Center and the strategic research environment Chalmers Energy Initiative. These are experiences that I think will be of benefit in my new role as secretary general,” says Lisbeth Olsson.

As Secretary General for Research Infrastructure, she wants to work to increase the multidisciplinary opportunities within research infrastructure, to ensure that existing infrastructure is continuously developed, and to work towards broader international collaboration on the infrastructures. She also hopes to contribute to increasing access to leading infrastructure for all relevant research fields.

“I think it is incredibly important for Sweden’s research community to unite around national and international research infrastructure. They are crucial for enabling us to carry out leading edge research,” says Lisbeth Olsson.

Ensuring that the infrastructures we already have and are establishing in Sweden are attractive, up-to-date, available, and sustainable in the long term are other issues that she wants to focus on.

“Sustainable development and the UN’s sustainability goals are also close to my heart.”

Lisbeth Olsson takes up the position as the new Secretary General for Research Infrastructure on 1 November 2021.

The Swedish Research Council has five secretaries general, each with a high level of scientific competence, who contribute knowledge and experience to the organisation

The secretaries general are part of the Swedish Research Council’s executive management team, and initiate, drive and follow up issues within their respective areas of expertise. The secretaries general are active researchers, and usually employed by the Swedish Research Council on a part-time basis for a maximum of six years.

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