Irene Wennemo to chair the Swedish Research Council's Board

The Government has appointed Irene Wennemo as the new Chair of the Swedish Research Council's Board as from 1 January 2022. She will take over from Agneta Bladh.

Irene Wennemo is currently Director General of the Swedish National Mediation Office and Chair of the Council for Research Infrastructures at the Swedish Research Council. She has a PhD in sociology from Stockholm University and has, among other things, worked as State Secretary at the Ministry of Employment (2014–2019).

She has extensive experience of board assignments in the higher education and research sectors, as a board member of Linköping and Lund universities, the National Agency for Higher Education, the Institute for Futures Studies, and the Knowledge Foundation. In addition to this, she has also been active as a writer, both of editorial texts and non-fiction.

Irene Wennemo

Irene Wennemo. Photo: Linnéa Carlsson

“It is an exciting assignment, and I look forward to taking part in the development of research funding and research policy. I think that my broad interest in both science and politics will be a benefit. Independent research has proven to be a key to success during the pandemic that the world has been going through, and understanding of the benefits of research has increased. These lessons should be used in research policy,” says Irene Wennemo.

Irene Wennemo will take over from Agneta Bladh, who has chaired the Board since January 2016.

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Swedish Research Council’s Board

The Swedish Research Council’s Board has ultimate responsibility to the Government for our activities. The Board consists of nine members. Six are appointed by researchers at higher education institutions, and three are appointed by the Government.

This autumn new members are to be appointed to the Swedish Research Council’s board for the period 2022–2024.




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