Dates announced for Swedish Research Council calls 2022

We have now decided on the dates for 40 or our calls next year. Many of calls are recurrent, but some will be issued for the first time. The new calls are shown in the list below. More calls will be added.

Please tick the box for "Upcoming calls" on the start page to see a list with dates for Swedish Research Council calls 2022.

New calls

Below is a list of calls that we are issuing for the first time. Not all the detailed terms and conditions for the calls have been decided yet. Full instructions will be provided in the call texts to be published when the call in question opens.

International collaboration

Every year, we issue calls in collaboration with other countries. In 2022, for example, we will be funding grants for research collaboration between researchers in Korea and Sweden, and between China and Sweden. The formats for these calls may vary a bit, as they are sometimes administered by one of our collaborating partners.

We also issue calls for research funding within the framework of the EU’s partnership programmes JPIAMR, and also the collaboration within Belmont Forum

Requirements for approval as an administrating organisation

An organisation needs to be approved as an administrating organisation in order to administer and pay out research grants from us. Approved administrating organisations are usually Swedish higher education institutions (HEIs), but we may also approve other organisations, provided they, as part of their mandates, conduct such research or research-supporting activities as the Swedish Research Council is mandated to fund, and also fulfil certain criteria. This category includes organisations, such as Swedish governmental agencies that are not higher education institutions but have research mandates, and certain research institutes.

Read the requirements for approval as an administrating organisation (in Swedish).




  1. Registering your clinical study

    As from 2022, all clinical studies funded by the Swedish Research Council shall be registered in a public database. Making it easy to find information about clinical studies is important, from both an ethical and a scientific perspective.

  2. New criteria for approval as an administrating organisation

    The Swedish Research Council has decided on new criteria for approval as an administrating organisation for grants we issue calls for as from next year. This means that a number of previously approved organisations will need to apply and be assessed ...

  3. Information meeting about grants within Development Research

    The 17 of March the Swedish Reseatch Council arranged an information meeting aboust this year´s calls within Development Research. We gave information about the subject area and most of the meeting were signed for questions.