Strengthen science communication

The Swedish Research Council is backing four new recommendations for promoting science communication. The recommendations have been developed by Science Europe, and are the result of a high-level conference on science communication held in Brussels in March.

The purpose of Science Europe’s recommendations is to improve policies and practices within science communication. They are aimed at European institutions, governments, and research organisations.

Four recommendations for promoting science communication

  • Incentivise science communication within research environments through better recognition and support.
  • Recognise science communicators as professionals who apply evidence-based approaches, and science communication as a distinct field of expertise and research.
  • Promote and develop AI literacy and data transparency for the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence in science communication.
  • Adopt a set of core principles for responsible science communication based on transparency, inclusivity, integrity, accountability, respect for autonomy, and timeliness.

“The recommendations are well in line with the Swedish Research Council’s own work. Science communication is an important part of open science and the research process,” says Katarina Bjelke, Director General of the Swedish Research Council and a member of the board of Science Europe.

As a member of CoARA (the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment), initiated by the European Commission, the Swedish Research Council takes part in the discussions on how researchers’ communication work can be more recognised and add to merit rating.

The Swedish Research Council also works to promote more science communication, and to support professional science communicators. One example is the annual conference Forum för forskningskommunikation/Forum for Science Communication. The theme for the 2023 conference was AI & Me, about science communication in the future.

Together with other research funding bodies, the Swedish Research Council is developing, a platform that makes it easier for the public to access and understand research. We have also developed a framework for how education and training in science communication can become part of doctoral courses in Sweden.

The new recommendations are based on Science Europe’s previous position paper on science communication .

Read the recommendations on Science Europe's website External link.

Science Europe´s position paper on science communication: Science Communication for Greater Research Impact External link.

Recording from the conference AI & me, about science communication (in Swedish) External link.

Framework for courses in science communication




  1. The Swedish Research Council’s grant for research communication

    The Swedish Research Council occasionally issues calls for grants for communication activities that promote dialogue or collaboration with groups outside academia. Researchers who have an ongoing grant from us can apply.

  2. – for news and communication about research publishes news about research from Swedish universities, research institutes, and research organisations. The Swedish Research Council coordinates the development of, and the editorial team is based at our offices.

  3. Science Europe: How to strengthen the dialogue between researchers and decision-makers

    More dialogue is needed between the research community and decision-makers to ensure decisions made are based on scientific knowledge. A new report from Science Europe has proposals for how this dialogue can be improved.