Closed call

08 September - 06 October 2021

Needs inventory of research infrastructure of national interest

The Swedish Research Council carries out a prioritisation of new needs for research infrastructure in a recurrent cyclical process over two years. The first stage of the process consists of a needs inventory, aimed at highlighting areas where the needs for new research infrastructure of national interest are clear.

The outcome of the needs inventory is then used as the basis for the Swedish Research Council’s targeted call for applications for funding of research infrastructure, and is part of the Swedish Research Council’s strategic work with research infrastructure. Please note that the Swedish Research Council does not publish an open call for research infrastructure grants.

Support form: Infrastructure support

Subject area: Research infrastructure

Focus: Needs inventory

Submitted by: Representatives of HEI managements, public authorities with research responsibilities, research funding bodies or researcher groupings

Call deadline: 6 October 2021 (14.00/2 p.m.)

Publication of decision: No later than June 2022

Please note:

Please note that you can only access the inventory in Prisma via this link External link, opens in new window..

Here you will find the presentation from the digital information meeting about the needs inventory of research infrastructure of national interest we arranged 26 August 2021 (in Swedish).

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Questions about the financing of research infrastructure

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