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Information meeting on Swedish in-kind contributions to ESS

The Swedish Research Council and the European Spallation Source ERIC (ESS) organised a digital information meeting on the process forward for Swedish in-kind contributions to ESS. 


17 December 2021




Swedish Research Council and ESS

Envisioned process for the allocation of in-kind contributions

As part of additional Swedish funding to ESS, the Swedish Research Council is now making up to 150 MSEK available for a Swedish in-kind program for ESS during 2021–2025, with up to 30 MSEK per year. The premises for Swedish in-kind contributions are strongly dependent on the ongoing re-baselining plan at ESS and the associated cost book that is still to be decided.

During the information meeting the Swedish Research Council and ESS would jointly like to inform about the envisioned process for the allocation of in-kind contributions for the period 2022–2025 with all interested parties.


9.00 Welcome

Mikaela Rapp, Head of the Office of ESS and MAX IV

9.05 ESS status update and re-baselining

Andreas Schreyer, Director of Science ESS

9.20 Update, Sweden as ESS host state

Johan Holmberg, Swedish Research Council

9.35 The ESS in-kind process & cost book

Mark Robinson, ESS

9.50 In-kind opportunities for partners at ESS

Sindra Petersson Årsköld, ESS

10.05 Sweden’s process forward with ESS cost book and the coming call

Niklas Ottosson & Johan Holmberg, Swedish Research Council

10.20 Short break

10.30 Q&A and discussion

10.55 Concluding remarks

Mikaela Rapp, Head of the Office of ESS and MAX IV




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