The new Chair of the Swedish Research Council’s Board now installed

Greater weight given to undirected research in research policy, and brave decisions relating to investments in research infrastructure. These are issues that Irene Wennemo, the new Chair of the Swedish Research Council’s Board, highlights as important. Her appointment started on 1 January 2022.

Photo of Irene Wennemo.

Irene Wennemo. Photo: Linnéa Carlsson

Irene Wennemo is looking forward to being part of both the management and development of the work of funding research and research infrastructure.

“In general, the Swedish Research Council works well, but it is important that we make an impact on research policy with our views on research funding. Making sure research funding is not fragmented, or pointing out the type of research that can provide answers to identified societal challenges."

Over the years, she has been active in both political environments and many contexts close to research and the higher education sector. Her great interest in research within all scientific fields is something that she regards as an asset in her role as Chair of the Swedish Research Council’s Board.

She is particularly interested in issues relating to research infrastructure; an area that she considers is facing challenges that differ from those of other research funding. With her experience as Chair of the Council for Research Infrastructures, she has extensive knowledge of the area.

“Investments in infrastructure often entail both long-term costs and effects. To make the right investments, you must almost be able to see around corners, but you must also be brave enough to end investments that are not sufficiently beneficial to the research community. At the same time, these investments are often affected by other factors, and may be national prestige projects – and this applies both in Sweden and in other countries.”

Irene Wennemo took over the role of Chair of the Swedish Research Council’s Board on 1 January 2022. She succeeds Agneta Bladh.

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The Swedish Research Council’s Board has ultimate responsibility for all decisions relating to the Swedish Research Council’s activities, and reports on these to the Government. In December 2021, new members for the period 2022–2024 were appointed.

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