Agenda sets the direction for the national research programme in viruses and pandemics

We have now produced a strategic agenda for the national research programme in viruses and pandemics, for which the Swedish Research Council is responsible. The agenda points out five focus areas for research in the programme.

The aim of the research programme is to contribute new knowledge about virus diseases, their transmission and their impact on society – as well as how to counteract future pandemics.

The agenda has been produced by the Swedish Research Council with support from a programme committee and focus groups with experts from the research fields involved. The experts have mapped the research in viruses and pandemics and point out five focus areas for research in the programme. The agenda presents knowledge gaps in each area.

  • Viruses, virus-caused disease conditions and fundamental disease mechanisms
  • Mechanisms for the emergence and transmission of zoonoses with pandemic potential, and strategies for prevention and management of infection transmission
  • Development of antiviral medicines, vaccines and diagnostics
  • Societal measures arising as a result of a pandemic and its effects on human living conditions and health
  • Organisation, governance and coordination (infrastructures) of important societal functions during a pandemic

Interactive evidence maps provide a picture of the state of knowledge

To map the knowledge about viruses and pandemics in social sciences research, the Swedish Research Council asked The Campbell Collaboration to produce interactive evidence maps (Pandemic Evidence Resources Evidence and Gap Maps). The visual maps provide an overview of identified sources in the form of databases, guidelines and reports in different research fields, and for different types of viruses.

“The evidence maps we ordered from The Campbell Collaboration provide a quick and clear picture of the state of knowledge. All who are interested can use the interactive maps, which are published online,” says Madeleine Durbeej-Hjalt, Secretary General for Medicine and Health at the Swedish Research Council.

Read the strategic research agenda (in Swedish with summary in English)

Use the evidence maps on Campbell South Asia’s website External link.

Further information on the national research programme in viruses and pandemics




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