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The Office for ESS/MAX IV is operated jointly by the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova. Our mandate is to maximise the benefit to Sweden of the research facilities ESS and MAX IV.

Sweden is making major investments in ESS and MAX IV. The Government’s goal for the investments is to create an international centre that is world-leading within materials science and life sciences. Wide Swedish use of the facilities is central for Swedish research and innovation, and an important component of realising this goal. The Office for ESS/MAX IV shall coordinate national initiatives into the facilities, so that Sweden achieves the best possible return on the investments made.

One of the tasks of the Office is to develop and continuously follow up and review a long-term national implementation plan for how the use can be increased and widened.

The national plan shows the direction

The Office has produced a first version of the national implementation plan. The plan covers national strategic initiatives and prioritisations to achieve the vision of ESS and MAX IV forming corner stones in a world-leading centre for life sciences and materials science by 2028.

To reach this, three main goals must be achieved:

  1. Sweden shall have good financial and structural prerequisites for utilising the potential of ESS and MAX IV.
  2. Sweden shall have a high level of knowledge and broad competence for development and use of ESS and MAX IV.
  3. ESS and MAX IV shall strengthen Sweden as a knowledge and innovation nation.

For each main goal, there are a number of subsidiary goals and the initiatives required to achieve them.

The implementation plan will be updated regularly. The next update is planned for autumn 2023.

The task of the office

Our mandate is to maximise the benefit to Sweden of the research facilities ESS and MAX IV. We do this through:

  • Increasing knowledge in Sweden about the facilities.
  • Working to widen Swedish use of the facilities.
  • Increasing engagement among new interest and user groups within different sectors.
  • Making initiatives visible.
  • Coordinating ongoing and planned national initiatives.
  • Supporting active stakeholders.

The final report on the Government mandate to the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova shall be submitted in 2025.



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Office for ESS/MAX IV


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