The regions’ reporting of ALF payments

The ALF agreement regulates the amount of national government funds that is paid to the regions covered by the ALF collaboration for collaborating in the education of physicians, carrying out clinical research and developing health and medical care. Here you can see figures for how the regions have used the funds during the years 2009–2022.

Statistics for 2009–2022

National government pays out the money via the universities, but it is the regions that have to do the financial reporting. The financial report shall show how the funds have been allocated across premises costs, salary costs and other running costs. The report shall then form part of the universities’ annual reporting.

The payment is divided up into two parts: ALF payments for clinical research and ALF payments for educating physicians.

The regions allocate the payments in different ways

The ALF agreement is supplemented with regional agreements between the universities and regions, regulating items such as prioritisation and allocation of the ALF payments. This means that each region prioritises and allocates the funds in slightly different ways.

In principle, it could be said that there are two main tracks that are used wholly or in part when allocating ALF funds. One is allocation according to applications for funds from individual researchers or research teams, the other is allocation according to key figures based on various key measures of research quality, such as number of publications, doctoral degree awards and docentships. Furthermore, the regions have differing strategies for how the ALF payment is allocated to premises costs, salary costs and other running costs.



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