Closed call

17 February - 10 June 2020

Project grant on international research collaborations on knowledge transfer and impact of research results (Aquatic Pollutants, JPIAMR)

The purpose of the call is to support research and methodology development for knowledge transfer and increased impact of results from research projects funded within the call for “Project grant for international research collaboration on pollutants and antimicrobial resistant bacteria present in water (Aquatic Pollutants, JPIAMR)”.

The call shall contribute to research and development that results in greater impact and increased knowledge transfer in general of research results, so that they can be better used for the benefit of civil society, business and decision-makers.

Support form:

Subject area: Humanities and Social Sciences

Focus: JPIAMR: Knowledge transfer and impact of research results

The Swedish Research Council can support projects on the theme ”Research and development of innovative strategies and methods for knowledge transfer, scientific networking, and increased public engagement”.

Applicant: Individual researcher who participates as 1 of maximum 2 Swedish project leaders in a international consortium with partners from at least 3 participating countries. Only researchers at an administrating organisation approved by the Swedish Research Council may apply.

Grant period: 3 years

Grant amount: Maximum total 50 000 EUR per project with one Swedish participant, or maximum total 100 000 EUR per project with two Swedish participants.

Start of grant period: January 2021

Call deadline: For the consortium application to Aquatic Pollutants: 4 June 2020 (17.00/5 p.m.). For the Swedish project leader’s application in Prisma: 10 June 2020 (14.00/2 p.m.)

Publication of grant award: No later than the beginning of September 2020

Please note:

  • If you are participating as a Swedish applicant/partner in an international consortium, you must submit a parallel application to the Swedish Research Council. This is a national eligibility requirement that must be fulfilled before we can approve your participation in the consortium application.
  • You will need to have a data management plan Opens in new window. for data generated within the research we award funds for. You must not send the plan to us, but according to our general grant terms and conditions, your administrating organisation must confirm that a data management plan will be in place when you start your project or equivalent, and also that the plan will be maintained.

Specific instructions for the call

In addition to reading the specific call text, you also need to consult our Guide for applicants Opens in new window..